Thursday, March 17, 2011

The sewing mojo has been lurking in the shadows

... And perhaps because of all the knitting thats been going on, tonight turned into a night of starting two different sewing projects. I do find that I can be completely absorbed in one craft for awhile, then that familiar pull comes to the other neglected craft... And back and forth I swing!

Project one:
Taking this pair of Daddy's jeans that split at the backside

And cutting and unpicking them to soon become some size 3 jeans for mr2yo.

I decided to use the coin pocket, the belt loops, and various tags for embellishment. I also kept the outside seam on both sides for a bit of strength in the finished product.

Project two: inspired by these sprinkle shirts I began embroidering this letter to go on a yet-to-be-sewn fleece jumper for miss4yo for this winter. Dana used embroidery thread, I used 4ply knitting/crochet cotton on 2 layers of knit fabric because that's what I had here in miss4yo's favourite colours- pink and purple!

Both projects completed while watching tv :)


eyebehold said...

I can see resizing other kinds of pants, but for some reason I find blue jeans intimidating. Go you!

VeganCraftastic said...

Super cute embroidery!

Natalie J said...

I'm very impressed by re-purposing the jeans. I have some old jeans that I'd like to make into something else, but for some reason denim is a little scary. :)

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