Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's a rainbow

The kids and I go to a Mainly Music group during the week, and have done since they were quite small. One of the favorites in our house is the Rainbow song, and I though it might be nice to catch up on some happenings around here ... Musically.

Deep breath everyone...

'Take a little bit of red'
(tags I made for my knitting)

'And a little bit of orange'
(self explanatory, yes? Mmmm)

'Add a stripe of yellow'
(perhaps I should have moved the shelves down?)

'And a stripe of green'
(a sock project I wish had've gone much faster).

'A little bit of blue'
(ahh, trampoline hair!)

'A bit of indigo'
(mmmm yummy Red Riding Hood Yarns sock wool that I'm knitting a few rows of here and there when my shop FO's are cast off).

'Don't forget the violet'
(again, some delicious Red Riding Hood Yarns yarn, this time in 8ply superwash)

'And what do you know?
It's a rainbow.'

'A wonderful wonderful colorful colorful magical magical ... Shining rainbow.'

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