Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mr2yo is now Mr3yo!

And over this past weekend, we celebrated with a little, simple party. 

He's requested a yellow Wiggles cake - so my head said yellow icing, Wiggles icing transfer (and then sport icing pictures that my mother-in-law had contributed also). He loved it (and ate one of the icing pictured before this picture was taken).
 We had a bbq - sausages, chicken skewers, salad, and bread rolls. 
 We played pass-the-parcel
 Ate jelly cups
 And the birthday boy had a great time playing with everyone.
 And this was the winning present - a bag of tennis balls for my sporty 3yo little man.
Happy Birthday mr3yo - you are so loved, so enjoyed, and such a lovely little man. 

P.S. Thanks for those of you who commented on my cobwebby post. It feels good to be 'back' :)

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