Sunday, July 3, 2011

Exciting things ...

Exciting things have still been happening, with all that knitting going on.
I went to my first preschool Mothers Day party (well, unless went when I myself went to preschool [which is the year before school starts here in Australia, more school-preparation focused than daycare generally, but not compulsory for all children, most kids that attend go 2-3 days per week]).

I had to take one of my old shoes, and my beautiful miss4yo and I made this creation.

I wish I'd taken a photo of the display to show you all, but just picture lots of painted shoes hanging up like this one!

Another exciting thing that happened was the start of Pay-It-Forward 2011 - no, I wasn't organised enough yet to send off my two packages, but I recieved mine, from Clare @ Green Valley Crafts

The gorgeous handmade tag- love the lace!
 The package itself:
And where it went (on my shirt) about 15 seconds after I ripped open the package :) I would have taken a face-included photo but for some reason that day I wasn't feeling particularly photogenic!

So Mummyzilla and Ottomania - please email me (latenightcreativity at hotmail dot com)your postal addresses and any ideas for what you'd like me to make for you/your kids - I'm feeling a bit idea-poor but I'd love to get a start on your items :)


Mummyzilla said...

How serendipitous, I am doing my pay it forwards this week as well! I'd love something indulgent, just for me.

Heather said...

I'm no help....surprise me:) I must get back to this as well...thanks for the blog has been severely neglected while we were away.Now to try and work out how to email you.

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