Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A spot of tea.

An elderly neighbour invited my children and I in for tea this afternoon (brave soul that she is!). We often speak in passing, about our gardens (theirs gorgeous, mine currently feeling a distinct lack of love in the wintertime!), our shared love of growing tomatoes, how big my kids are growing. Through the passage of our criss-crossing lives, we actually know each other quite well.

But I'd never been inside their house. So this afternoon, when they invited us in, I said yes.

I did pre-warn them: "You know my kids are going to touch everything, right?"
The reply" 'Don't worry love, we dont have anything expensive for them to break".

We walked inside, they put on the kettle, asked me how I took my tea (black with no sugar, thanks for asking), and a packet of biscuits appeared on a sweet little serving dish as if by magic.

My mr2yo needed the bathroom, so I took him.

We finished in the bathroom, and walked back out into their kitchen, to find miss4yo playing with a basket of toys, explained to be the great-grandchildren's stash that is brought out when they come to visit.

Then miss4yo needed the bathroom, so I took her.

We finished in the bathroom (again), and walked back out to the kitchen to find mr2yo playing his version of 'snap' with some well-loved cards he'd found. I sat at the table with my friend, sipping tea from a gorgeous teacup, with a saucer (!), and eating Shortbread creams.
They didn't mind that my kids made a mess. They told me that, for birthdays and Christmas, instead of buying their great-grandchildren more toys that they don't need (because they have so many) they are buying them something small and putting money aside for them for later in life (which won points with this toy-infested-cluttered-too-much-stuff housekeeper!). They played games and did jigsaws with my kids. They didn't mind when the toys were everywhere.

It was a lovely afternoon, and I'm glad that I accepted their invitation in for tea instead of returning inside my house to whatever 'important' thing I would have done otherwise.
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