Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My mum taught me how to knit

And my Nanna (my mum's mum) taught me how to crochet.

My Nanna and Grandfather lived in a retirement village, an hour or two's drive from where we lived. School holidays at Nanna's place were spent eating food she'd baked for us, riding our bikes (my brother and I) on the paths and mini-roads around the nursing home, bushwalking in the reserve behind the village, and (me) learning to crochet.
She didn't teach me the names of the stitches, apart from chain, just how to make granny squares. So we made, and made, and made.
And she made this for me, back before red was even my favorite colour.

It's just a little wider than a single bed. Made from soft acrylic in cream, pinks, and red, which many would probably turn their crafty noses up at (me too, at times!), but it has stood the test of washing and using over time and still looks great.

Now my miss5yo has it on her bed to keep her warm, and I love that she's using something made so long ago, made with such love.


Mummyzilla said...

How lovely. My Mum gave me some clothes I wore as a baby, and its such a neat feeling knowing they are being used and loved by the next generation.

Knitting Nix said...

The blanket is beautiful. My children have granny square blankets made by my husband's mother which they love. I love them too because I can't crochet (although she has tried to teach me 1000 x)

Catherine said...

How lovely! My mum has crocheted some for my kids and me and they are lovely to snuggle under! Cx

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