Sunday, September 4, 2011

"Pencil skirts in shades of grey"

Overheard at a cafe today from child-free parties as I kid-wrangled...

"I'm so glad to just have one subject left to do, and then I can start my life, imagine all the shopping time I'll have".

"I don't have any responsibilities but sometimes I think maybe there is more to life than sleeping and beer... Then I crack another cold one".

"There was the most gorgeous pencil skirt in shades of grey, I just had to have it. I know, but I can wear it to work and when I go out too".

The grass isn't necessarily greener, but it does inspire a sense of longing for times past. Before my owly growly voice was used this often and I could sleep in and go to a cafe. Without saying things like 'no, stop that, one, two ....'. Sigh.

But then I look at the gorgeous faces that call me mummy, and shopping, sleep, and pencil skirts do lose their sheen.

1 comment:

Virginia said...

I definitely hear you!!

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