Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Gluten therapy

Sometimes when I'm sad, being creative in some way helps me.

Today, I baked. It helped a little.

We've been in our new place for one week today. Exciting things are happening, and we've already had a visit from some friends who were by chance on holiday near our new town.
My spirits rose with their visit yesterday, and then today they seem to sink. Although truth be told, when I discovered my badly sunburnt legs last night I may have had a small pity party too!

I feel sad for the people that we've, and for the normal, everyday life we've left. I miss being able to relax with people, and just talk about anything at all, rather than 'getting to know you' questions and trying to remember names.

I'm just a bit sad really. It's part of moving, it's ok, it's normal, and I'm sure it will pass or get better or some other thing will distract me.

But for today, I baked, and the rhythm, the process, the feeling like I know how to do that, made me feel a bit better.

What helps you when you feel sad?


Mummyzilla said...

Its hard when you leave people behind. I find calling my Mum helps, but really going out and meeting new people eventually works.

mum/toddler/babe - virginia said...

Sending lots of virtual hugs. Hopefully there will be a visit from us in the very near future too. We've been a bit sad too, the kids more than I thought! Glad the letter was well received!

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