Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's that time of year ...

When Facebook newsfeeds and blogs are smattered with photos of small kids in slightly too-big uniforms.

But it's the first year that it's applied to us!

Here in Australia, the school year starts in late January/early February.
My miss5yo is starting school this year, and is very very excited about it!
We went uniform shopping yesterday, and got everything that we needed to send her off ... Sniff ... On her own ... Sob ... To start her schooling career.

Despite momentary emotional eruptions here and there from me, I really am fairly ready and happy for her- mostly because she is SO excited and raring to go!

Also because she is my first, I'm having all the usual feelings of 'where did the time go? How can she be this old?'
Par for the course with this parenting gig, really.

How did you feel when your little one went to school?
Have a lovely day!

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WorkingMom said...

I used to think people who talked about their kids growing up in the blink of an eye were exaggerating. Then I had the Oldest. They weren't kidding.

How did I feel? Bittersweet. The Oldest and the Middle Child had both been in full-time daycare, so it was just a different location for something we were all used to. The Baby is now in preschool, and while my friends seem to think I should plan on being at the bus stop weeping his first day of kindergarten, I will only promise to take embarassing pictures of him waiting for the bus the first day... along with the Middle One, who will be an 8th grader and the Oldest, who will be a senior in high school that year.

Now leaving for college? That's the day I can promise you tears....

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