Saturday, January 7, 2012

A new year, a new blog, a new house

I wonder how many other blogs got a freshen up for the new year ;) We're moving house in 4 days. Our current house looks like boxes, and cardboard, and items without an obvious home, and a few random toys still that have yet to be eaten by a box until they are unpacked in their new home. We are moving south, closer to the sea, but further away from family and far away (it feels like) from our friends here. I'm sad, and exhausted, and hopeful, and flustered, and again, sad. My kids still bring me joy amidst the sadness (of course), but in the quiet moments, sad I am.

I am hopeful too. Hopeful that our new life will bring joy, and new friends, and that we will make wonderful new memories as we sink our roots down in a gorgeous place.

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